We develop and craft solutions for your digital design needs

Our experience showed that bringing clients and specialists directly together is very advantageous and cost-efficient. But you don't have to organize and manage a creative tank of artists and engineers yourself.

Individual specialists directed by one coordinator, for a fuss-free process and delivery. It's a scalable approach, for digital content and design projects.

Meet the core crew

Chris Hinz Portrait
Chris Hinz
Coordinator / Visual Designer

Daniel Mynarek Portrait
Daniel Mynarek
3D artist / Motion Graphics

Keegan Muir Portrait
Keegan Muir
Graphic Designer

Denise Pleger Portrait
Denise Pleger
Graphic Designer

Olivier Haas Portrait
Olivier Haas
Sound Designer / Music composer

Jan Scheffler Portrait
Jan Scheffler
Software Engineer

Rebecca Haupt Portrait
Rebecca Haupt

Lukas Oliver Portrait
Lukas Oliver
Industrial Designer

Julian Meyer Portrait
Julian Meyer

Want to become one of us?

We are always looking for talented specialists.
We especially value two things:


You use meetings, co-working and feedback sessions to push forward, but don't depend on them to stay on track? You think meeting deadlines, being 100% honest and true to your word is needless to say?


Getting the job done efficiently but always striving for the highest quality is not a balancing act but your mindset? You determine the standard of your own work, while being very self-concious and staying realistic?

If this sounds like you, we would love to get in touch!


We are not looking for clients. We are looking for long lasting business relations. This doesn't exclude one-time projects. Two proven ways for this are our high quality standard and transparent pricing.

We want you to be happy and recommend us— not to pay and then never come back.

You brief, we quote — fair, with industry standards and multiple options if appropriate. Since we are a remote agency, our pricing is competetive to none-remote agencies.

We don't charge at fixed hourly or daily rates. The pricing depends on the project's requirements, necessary team size and deadline.

What our clients say

New people mean new opportunities

We would love to have a conversation with you.
In Bochum, on-site or digitally – we are truely there for you.

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