Advertisement spot "Wolves drink Gin"

Advertisement spot for a gin.


"Wolves drink Gin"
Runtime: 40 seconds


The keynote was to create a nonverbal clip, setting an overall mood according to the products main emotional triggers. "Wolves drink Gin" transports a big part of the theme. The visuals extend this theme, while leaving space for imagination and speculation. The unexpected combination of the penthouse and wolf leads to the unveiling of the gin's name.


Script & animatics
3D & matte painting
Post production & compositing
Creative direction

Sound design and music composing by Olivier Haas
Additional 3D art by Daniel Mynarek

Advertisement spot

Keyframe of the city


Keyframe of the penthouse and wolf
Keyframe of the product shot
Bottle and label design

Bottle and label design

Making Of



Visual development concept art sketch

Visual development concept sketch

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