What else I do?


The Design Journey

I started a blog to document my design journey, to curate content from different platforms. My goal is to provide valuable resources to anyone interested in the world of design and illustration, no matter what industry you are working in. By sharing these resources, I hope to inspire creativity, keep learning, meet people, spark new ideas, and encourage experimentation. This way I’m trying to make my design journey your design journey.

Online courses

I'm creating digital products on topics around design and illustration.

While working as tutor at Münster School of Design, I enjoyed the opportunity to teach and learn while doing so. Recently I started selling digital products and creating educational content for designers and illustrators.


I'm available for design or illustration mentoring.

As someone who has been working in the design and illustration industry for several years, I’ve had the privilege of gaining valuable experience and knowledge. However, I don’t believe that I have all the answers, and I recognize that there is always more to learn.


That’s why I offer one-on-one mentoring sessions to aspiring designers and illustrators who are looking to improve their skills and navigate the industry.

What's next?