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Traditional Digital Painting

Are you a digital artist? Learn traditional digital illustration. Not an art style but a mindset I picked up over the last 10 years. An applicable mindset that lets you utilize the true pros of the digital medium and makes your art look less digital … and even better — is fun. So let’s strive for a painting mindset that leaves marks in the process and embrace the traditional within the digital.

Module 1

The only digital brush tutorial you'll need.

The never ending hunt for better brushes. Have you ever felt over- or underwhelmed by it? Hopefully this is the last tutorial you’ll need. If it is – that’s great. In case it is not, I got a solution but also another fun alternative for you.

Module 2

Never make a mistake ever again.​

Wouldn’t it be nice if you never had to press the undo button again? Figure out how much fun you would have if you might be able to do exactly that.

Module 3

10 ideas to help your digital art by ruining your sketchbook.​

If you don’t have a sketchbook – You don’t have a sketchbook yet?? I want to show you why a real-life sketchbook can be a big digital art improver and how 10 experiments can help you overcome a common problem a lot of artists I know have.

You will learn
  • not a style or gimmicky shortcut but a mindset to create traditional-looking digital artwork
  • to understand the real pros and cons of painting digitally
  • by applying explained and shown principles to your own example project
You will need
  • any digital painting software (such as Photoshop, Procreate, …)
  • a graphic tablet or tablet with a stylus pen
  • the more fundamental painting skills the better. But this course is for any skill level.
Money-back guarantee

My online courses will have a “no questions asked” money-back guarantee, within 14 days of your purchase. I recognize that investing in an online course may be a significant expense for some, and it’s possible that it may not meet your expectations. That’s why I stand behind the quality of my courses. My goal is to provide you with a risk-free experience and ensure that you’re completely satisfied with your investment.

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